Borough of Highlands, NJ
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Doing Business in Highlands 

Welcome to the business section of the Borough of Highlands website. Here you will find useful links to doing business in Highlands. You can use the left navigation bar for direct access to forms, permits, employment opportunities, bids and more. 

Borough Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. All municipal buildings are closed to the public due to COVID-19 at this time. Please call 732-872-1224 for an appointment. 

A Mercantile License is required by Borough Code 4-9 as follows:  

No person shall either directly or indirectly conduct any business as defined in this subsection unless he has obtained a mercantile license. The issuance of a license under this section is in addition to, and not in derogation of, any law of the State of New Jersey or ordinance of the Borough regulating the business so licensed. This section shall not apply to any person, firm, corporation, partnership or other entity licensed under the various laws of this state which prohibits licensing by municipalities. For the purposes of this section, any person shall be deemed to be engaged in a business and subject to the provisions of this section when he does either or both of the following acts: 

           a.   Sells any goods or services from a fixed location in the Borough where the business is conducted 

          directly from a fixed location. 

           b.   Solicits business or offers goods or services for sale or for hire from a fixed location in the Borough   

          where the business is conducted directly from the fixed location. 

A Business Certificate of Occupancy is required by Borough Code 10-14 as follows: 

No premises or portion of premises of a commercial or industrial property, whether in a commercial or industrial zone or in a different zone by reason of a nonconforming use, shall be relet, rerented or sold and thereafter occupied by a new tenant or owner without the appropriate application for and issuance of a business certificate of occupancy.

          a. The new owner or tenant of the premises about to be newly occupied or their respective agents shall            apply to the Construction Official for a business certificate of occupancy and shall supply, as necessary           information on said application, all facts relating to the nature of the new owner's or tenant's business,               occupation or industry, the manufacturing or other processes involved and the nature of all materials                 intended to be stored on the premises, to be part of said premises or pertinent to said new business use           or occupation, with the form of application to be set by the Construction Official.

         b. Within 10 business days of receipt of said application, the Construction Official shall issue or deny the          application after reviewing it and inspecting the building or structure with the Bureau of Fire Prevention              Fire Official, Board of Health and other subcode officials as deemed necessary by the Construction                  Official to determine whether the premises comply with all of the provisions of this section or any other              ordinance of this Township. If the building or structure, as intended to be used, meets the requirements            hereof, the Construction Official shall forthwith issue a business certificate of occupancy. If the building              or  structure does not meet the requirements hereof, the Construction Official shall notify the applicant of          the details in which the building or structure does not meet the requirements hereof. When such details            have been perfected, the applicant shall notify the Construction Official, in writing, that the items have              been corrected and reinspection shall be made with the certificate of occupancy being issued or denied             within five business days of receipt of the notice of correction.


Link here:  Mercantile License Application (pdf)