Borough of Highlands, NJ
  40.40422oN by 73.990674oW


Advisory committees help the governing body make decisions for our Borough.  In order to join the Borough's Advisory Committees, you must fill in a Citizen's Leadership Form

Mayor Broullon is an Ex Officio member of all Committees and Advisory Boards.

Board Of Education Liaison - Rosemary Ryan

Liaison between the Highlands Elementary School as well as Henry Hudson Regional School Boards of Education and the Governing Body.

Communications & Public Relations: Liaison - Cody Valkos

Works with the Governing Body to provide a consistent message by and for the Borough of Highlands.

Economic Development: Liaison - Linda Mazzola

Advises the Governing Body and provides recommendations to address the economic development needs of the Borough.

Environmental Commission: Liaison - Rosemary Ryan

Liaison between the Governing Body and the Environmental Commission which was established for the protection, development or use of natural resources within the Borough.

Green Team: Liaison - Cody Valkos

Works with the Governing Body and Sustainable Jersey,  a nonprofit organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives to support communities as they pursue sustainability programs to improve waste management, resiliency and sustainability.

Open Space: Liaison -   Linda Mazzola

Liaison between the Open Space Committee and the Governing Body. Advises the Borough Council as to parcels of land that can be purchased as well as to preserve and improve current property owned by the Borough for open space, conservation, recreation and parklands.

Shade Tree Commission: Tree Commissioner - Christian Lee

Advises the Mayor and Council concerning the proper planting, care, ground maintenance, removal as well as possible administering of treatment to shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery.

Advisory Committees