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Nixle Alert Service

Highlands uses the Nixle alerts system to send important messages to residents via SMS, email, and phone message. You can sign up via the form fields below and read instructions on how to manage your alert settings.



Managing settings in Nixle

Once you have signed up for Nixle, you need to go onto the website to add your preferences.

From the home screen, choose the Settings tab. From there you can select if you want phone, email and/or test alerts. Just click on the blue arrow button under ‘SMS msgs to mobile’ to customize which type of messages you wish to receive: You can choose to have:

  1. Alerts: Emergency notifications and critical alerts, such as gas leaks and severe weather.
  2. Advisories: These provide important, need-to-know information that is less urgent than an Alert, such as road closures and traffic notices.
  3. Community: Everyday local news, happenings and developments. These are non-critical information such as town events and town meetings.

Download a guide to customizing Nixle (PDF)