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Borough Reports

File NameCategoryLink
2017 Jan: Army Corps Coast Storm Risk Management BriefingDownload
2018: HFD Year End Review ReportDownload
2018: Open Space ApplicationDownload
TNR Annual Report 2020, Download
2021 Year in Review PostcardDownload
2023 Diversity of Boards Survey Summary of Results 07-19-2023Download
2017 March: Army Corps PlansDownload
2017 March: Army Corps Public Meeting PresentationDownload
2017 March: State of New Jersey’s Shore Protection ProgramDownload
2018 May: Adopted Zoning Map, Download
2011 June: Bicycle PlanDownload
2020 March: PK-12 Regional School District BOE Feasibility Study, Download
2017: Capital Improvement ProgramDownload
2018 July: Captains Cove Redevelopment PlanDownload
2023 March: Environmental Commission Presentation and letterDownload
Highlands Community Energy Plan 061623Download
Highlands Community Equity Diversity Profile 07-19-2023Download
1995: Highlands Neighborhood Preservation Program Design ManualDownload
2020 Aug: Highlands Final Integrated Feasibility Report Environmental AssessmentDownload
2016 July: Highlands Housing Element and Fair Share PlanDownload
Highlands PowerPoint PresentationDownload
2014: Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Highlands PresentationDownload
2009 May: Land Use Plan AmendmentDownload
Mayor’s Message Mar. 17, 2021Download
Mayors Message August 31 2021Download
Mayors Message July 31 2021Download
Mayors Message Nov 2021Download
Mayors Message Oct 2021Download
Mayor’s Report April 2022Download
Mayors Report Aug 2023Download
Mayors Report Feb 2023Download
Mayors Report January 2022Download
Mayors Report July 2023Download
Mayor’s Report June 2023Download
Mayor’s Update March 2022Download
Mayor’s Update May 2022Download
Mayors Report May 2023Download
2008 Feb: Recreation and Open Space PlanDownload
2018 Nov: Shadow Lawn Redevelopment Revised PlanDownload
2016 Oct: Stamped Concrete Maintenance ManualDownload
2007 Aug: Storm Water Management Plan Amended, Download
2022 May: Stormwater Pollution Prevention PlanDownload
2018 April: Stormwater Pollution Prevention PlanDownload
2014 Sept: Strategic Recovery Planning Report AdoptedDownload
2014 Sept: Strategic Recovery Planning Report PresentationDownload
2018 July: The School Age Children Study Rutgers Center for Real EstateDownload
2022 May: Tri-District LEAP Grant Final Report, Download
2016 Dec: US Geological Survey Landslide ReportDownload

Master Plan Archives

The table below contains historical documents. For the most recent Master Plan, view the 2016 Re-Examination Report.

File NameCategoryLink
2009 June: Master Plan Re-Examination ReportDownload
2016 Dec: Master Plan Re-Examination ReportDownload
2004 Oct: Master Plan, Download