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Environmental Commission

The purposes of the environmental commission are to provide a forum for residents to state their concerns over environmental issues; to advise the municipality of the impact of State and Federal regulations involving environmental resources and how those regulations impact on local development; to aid in developing policies concerning the protection and use of natural resources, including water resources located within the territorial limits of the borough.

Missed our presentation at the March 1, 2023 Council Meeting? Click here.

The Environmental Commission meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:00PM at the Municipal Building, 151 Navesink Ave.

The 2024 schedule for the Environmental Committee is as follows:

January 01/08/2024
February 02/12/2024
March 03/11/2024
April 04/08/2024
May 05/13/2024
June 06/10/2024
July 07/08/2024
August 08/12/2024
September 09/09/2024
October 10/14/2024
November 11/11/2024
December 12/09/2024


Zoom Info:

Current Members:

Council Liaison 
Karen Chelak

Member & LUB
Mark Zill

Bill Maier
Andrew Manning
Peter Mullen
Steve Szulecki
Robert Zilinski