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Green Team

Sustainable Jersey Certified Community

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm

Robert D. Wilson Memorial Community Center:  22 Snug Harbor Avenue

The 2024 schedule for the Green Team Committee is as follows:

January 01/23/2024
February 02/27/2024
March 03/26/2024
April 04/23/2024
May 05/28/2024
June 06/25/2024
July 07/23/2024
August 08/27/2024
September 09/24/2024
October 10/22/2024
November 11/26/2024
December 12/24/2024


Zoom Info:

Meeting ID: 969 6428 2743

Passcode: 5AWQDR


Get Green® with Bayshore:   Our Corporate Mission to Promote Change

Welcome to Project Get Green where we will be sharing educational resources, recycling tips, industry information and updates on what’s happening at Bayshore Recycling. Looking for a specific topic or need an answer on recycling, let us know and we can help get you the right information at

NJ Plastic Bag Ban:  May 4, 2022

Establishes postconsumer recycled content requirements for rigid plastic containers, glass containers, paper and plastic carryout bags, and plastic trash bags; prohibits sale of polystyrene loose fill packaging.

Sustainable Organic Material Management Plan

The New Jersey Climate Change Alliance


Did you know that Highlands is one of only 198 New Jersey towns that are Sustainable Jersey certified?

Across New Jersey, hundreds of towns are now working on sustainability programs to help the environment and their bottom lines. Efforts to curb carbon emissions, protect natural resources and reduce waste are happening at the local level. Through the voluntary program, communities are implementing solar power and wind turbine projects, rain capture and reuse efforts, new walking and biking programs, building and operating community food gardens, launching community outreach programs on recycling and energy, and dozens of other initiatives.

To become Sustainable Jersey certified, Highlands had to complete a balance of the rigorous program sustainability actions. In addition, Highlands created a Green Team and did 15 actions across 10 categories: Pledge Supporting NJ Wildlife Action Plan, Create Green Team, Climate Adaptation: Flooding Risk, Farmers Markets, Making Farmers Markets Accessible, Green Building Policy/Resolution, Building Healthier Communities, Sustainable Land Use Pledge, Buy Local Campaign, Support Local Businesses, Environmental Commission, Open Space Plans, Water Conservation Education Program, Tree Protection Ordinance, Recycling Depot.

All that effort paid off! Highlands achieved Sustainable Jersey certification at the Bronze level in program year 2016. We were awarded a plaque at the Sustainable Jersey Luncheon at the New Jersey League of Municipalities on November 15, 2016. Pictured below are the presenters: Richard Dovey, Chairperson, Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees; Donna Drewes, Co-Director, Sustainable Jersey; Randall Solomon, Co-Director, Sustainable Jersey; John J. Meehan, Area Manager, Jersey Central Power & Light Company; Carolyn Broullon, Council President, Highlands.

To get involved with the Highlands Green Team and sustainability initiatives, contact Mayor Carolyn Broullon at To participate in Sustainable Jersey free workshops and events held across the state, visit

Sustainable Jersey is a nonprofit organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives to support communities as they pursue sustainability programs.  By supporting community efforts to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and improve environmental equity, Sustainable Jersey is empowering communities to build a better world for future generations. To find out more information about the grants and other programs from Sustainable Jersey click here.

This Committee has members representing various departments and resident members.  Members are appointed by the Governing Body. All appointments are for staggered terms and members  will serve until their respective successors are appointed and qualified.  All meetings are open to the public.

Our members:

Position: Name: Term: Expiration:
Liaison Donald Melnyk** 1 Year 12/31/2024
Environmental Commission Member Mark Zill** 1 Year 12/31/2024
Recreation Department Member Jacqueline Kane 3 Year 12/31/2026
Resident Member 1 Alyson Hallander 3 Years 12/31/2024
Resident Member 2 Patricia Hoffman** 3 Years 12/31/2026
Resident Member 3 Megan Ekleberry 3 Years 12/31/2025
Resident Member 4 Valerie Montecalvo 3 Years 12/31/2025
Resident Member 5 Martin Rosen 3 Years 12/31/2024
Business Owner Member Kim Ramin* 3 Years 12/31/2026
DPW Member Spencer Carpenter 3 Years 12/31/2024
Land Use Board Member Carolyn Broullon*** 3 Years 12/31/2024

*Reappointment    **New Appointment    ***Filling Vacancy