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Open Space Committee

Listing of Open Spaces - Click to get a listing of all open spaces in Highlands.

Open Space - Printable Map - Click for a printable map of Highlands open spaces.

Harborside Public Walkway Access Area  - Click for a shaded map depicting the public access path at Harborside.

The Open Space Committee advises the Borough Council as to parcels of land that can be purchased as well as to preserve and improve current property owned by the Borough for open space, conservation, recreation and parklands.  See Ordinance 2-42 and 2-43 for more about the Open Space Trust Fund and Committee.

This Committee has 7 members of which 1 must be the Council Liaison.  Members are appointed by the Mayor with consent of the Governing Body. Terms are 3 years on a staggered basis. Members  will serve until their respective successors are appointed and qualified.

All meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month and open to the public via Zoom at 7:30PM.

The 2024 schedule for the Open Space Committee is as follows:

























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Members and expiration dates:

Position: Name: Term: Expiration:

Council Liaison

Donald Melnyk* 1 Year 12/31/2024
Resident Member 1 Jason Reynolds 3 Years 12/31/2025
Resident Member 2 Bruce Kutosh* 3 Years 12/31/2026
Resident Member 3 Mark Luithle 3 Years 12/31/2025
Resident Member 4 Laurie Salka 3 Years 12/31/2024
Resident Member 5 Tim Sanfratello* 3 Years 12/31/2026
Resident Member 6 Douglas Widman 3 Years 12/31/2024
Open Space Property Location Fun Facts
Twin Lights Lighthouse 2 Lighthose Road The first Twin Lights are built in 1828, with Joshua Doty as first Keeper. The present Twin Lights are constructed in 1862, with Keeper Gordon B. Sickles. On April 24, 1893 the first official reading of the Pledge of Alligence was at the Twin Lights.
Gertrude Ederle Park Navesink and Bay Aves The park was first dedicated to Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to successfully swim across the English Channel, on August 14, 1975. Trudy attended that ceremony.
Frank Hall Park Miller St near Navesink Ave Dedicated September 27, 1975 in honor of a former Mayor. Mr. Hall was also President of the Board of Education, Lion member, founder of Camp Happiness, Director of the NJ Blind Men's association, Founder of the Highlands Yacht Club, former Councilman and Planning Board member.
Overlook Park 104 Navesink Ave Resident and Architect Peter Mullen originally drew plans in 2014. He revised those in 2020.  Pylons from the old Highlands-Sea Bright Drawbridge will be used at the park. Aquired in 2008 by the NJ DOT. To be dedicated in 2023
Veterans Park 51 Bay Ave Aquired by the Borough though Green Acres in 1975.  The park is a tribute to all of the Borough's Veterans.
Cornwall Square 138 Bay Ave Former President of the Highlands Garden Club, Marcia Shaya, designed the Cornwall Square Park in 2004. The Highlands  Business Partnership purchased signage and pavers as well as secured a barter contract for landscaping from Rahm.
Huddy Park 329 Bay Ave Aquired by the Borough in the early 1940s through a tax lien forclosure, the park was officially named "Huddy Park" in 1948.  Captain Joshua Huddy was a Revolutionary War Patriot who was hanged near the park on April 12, 1782 without benefit of a trial. 
South Bay Beach South Bay Ave 4/1/1924 Borough buys the beach "under the bridge"
Snug Harbor Park & Skatepark Bay Ave & Snug Harbor Com Ctr dedicated June 1978.
Baymen's Lot Off Fifth St Sixty clammers unite to form the Baymen's Protective Association and purchase the Association Lot 11/1/1905
Bus Stop and terrace on Miller & 36 Miller St & Navesink Ave Aquired in 1933, the terracing was added through funds from the Highlands Business Partnership in 2006. The design was again by former Garden Club President Marcia Shaya.
Miller St Beach End of Miller St 4/1/1924 Borough buys the beach and parking lot.
Community Center Beach Beach Blvd & Snug Harbor On 10/8/1947, the Borough began its lease of the beach from the Waterwitch Beach Improvement Association.
Matthews St Beach End of Matthews St Aquired by Borough by foreclosure 2001. Beach access is from Matthews St. In 2016 deemed not feasible nor practical for a kyack launch by town & County Open Space due to lack of parking and a very narrow street.
Baymen's Lot Beach Off Fifth St Sixty clammers unite to form the Baymen's Protective Association and purchase the Association Lot 11/1/1905
Walkway connecting 36 to Highland Ave Navesink to Highlands Ave This public walkway allows for pedestrians to & from travel from Navesink and Highlands Ave.
Marine Place Park Walkway Marine Place The original bulkheads built 1906-1908, those were replaced in the early 1950s. The current steel one was erected in 1999.
Pedestrian Walkway at Sandy Hook Bay Marina End of Willow St DEP walkway easement, link is here:
Pedestrian Walkway Along Captain's Cove Rogers Ave The first Water Witch boat basin is constructed in 1906, renovated in 1947. Work has been ongoing there since 2016.