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Highlands Business Partnership

Highlands Business Partnership (HBP) is a 501(c)(3) New Jersey non-profit which exists to undertake, direct, manage, facilitate and/or oversee recreational, educational, and cultural activities, events and programs intended to promote the public welfare; the civic, educational, historic, cultural, and economic well being and vitality of community life within the Borough of Highlands, New Jersey.

HBP is funded annually by a voluntary assessment of business owners in Highlands, events, sponsors and tax deductible donations. HBP, a non-profit corporation and commercial alliance founded in 1999, works on behalf of all those who live, work or invest in Highlands for the achievement of the following goals:

  • Foster Highlands’ economic development
  • Advocate continued revitalization
  • Preserve our historic past
  • Strengthen the economic, cultural, and commercial contributions in Highlands

In pursuit of these goals, the Highlands Business Partnership invites and encourages all members of the public and private sectors, who share these mutual goals, to build a non-partisan partnership to create and implement an action-oriented and pragmatic work plan to realize these goals.

Phone: (732) 291-4713