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Department of Public Works

Phone: (732) 872-1224 x250 for DPW
Fax: (732) 872-0670
Location: 151 Navesink Ave., Highlands

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the maintenance of all public property including roadways and infrastructure. Among many functions, the Department manages the recycling, leaf, brush, and bulk waste collection programs and are responsible for the upkeep of park and recreation facilities and the removal of snow from roadways.

Garbage & RecyclingPlease contact Surburban/Roselle Disposal directly for any issues regarding missed trash or recycling removal or any issues relating to trash and recycling pick-up.  (973) 675-5451
Learn how to get rid of your furniture responsibly, how to recycle household materials, and more.

DPW Recycling Hours:

Monday 7am - 3pm
Tuesday 7am - 3pm
Wednesday 7am - 3pm
Thursday 7am - 5pm
Friday 7am - 3pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm

Did you miss Bulk or getting rid of a refrigerator or air conditioning unit?
If additional bulk pickups are needed, Bulk or Freon Permits are issued at Borough Hall, 151 Navesink Ave. Permit fee is $50, cash or check. The permit covers two (2) large items for bulk pick up. Each refrigerator and A/C unit requires its own permit. Pickups will be on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. Please place the item curbside the night BEFORE pickup.


Zones 1 & 3
Trash Pickup: Monday and Thursday
Recycling: 1st and 3rd Wednesday

Zones 2 & 4
Trash Pickup: Tuesday & Friday
Recycling: 2nd and 4th Wednesday

Bulk & Brush will be picked up according to Zone
Regular Bulk pick-ups will be in March, June, September, December
Regular Brush pick-ups will be in April, October, December
Zone 1: First Friday of the month
Zone 2: Second Friday of the month
Zone 3: Third Friday of the month
Zone 4: Fourth Friday of the month

Zones (by street) are as follows:

Barberie Avenue
Bay Ave
(Sea Drift Ave. –Gravelly
Bayside Drive
Beach Boulevard
Bedle Street
Central Avenue
Cheerful Place
Fay Street
Gravelly Point Road
Huddy Avenue
King Street
Locust Street
Marie Street
Marine Place
Matthew Street
Ocean Avenue
Recreation Place
Sea Drift Avenue
Shore Drive
(Sea Drift Ave -West)
Snug Harbor Avenue
Washington Avenue
Waterwitch Avenue
(Shore Dr – North)
Willow Street

Bay Avenue
(East North St – East)
Center Avenue
Cornwell Street
Jackson Street
John Street
Kay Street
Laurel Drive
Linden Avenue
Navesink Ave/Hwy 36
Ralph Street
Rogers Street
Scenic Drive
Shrewsbury Avenue
(Cornwell – East)
Shore Drive (Miller St. – East)
South Bay Avenue
South Linden Avenue
South Street
South North Street
South Street
Spring Street
Valley Avenue
(North of Hwy 36)
Waddell Street
Waterwitch Avenue
(Shore Dr. – South)
William Street
West North Street

Atlantic Street
Bay Ave
(Sea Drift Ave– North St.)
Cedar Street
East North Street
Fifth Street
Fourth Street
Marina Bay Court
Marina Drive
Miller Street
(Shore Dr – North)
Second Street
Shrewsbury Avenue
(Miller St. – Cornwell)
Shore Drive
(Sea Drift Ave-Miller St)
Valley Street

Bay Street
Bayview Street
Chestnut Street
Government Road
Grand Tour
Highland Avenue
Hillside Avenue
Lighthouse Road
Miller Street
(South of Hwy 36)
Mountain Street
Navesink Ave/Hwy 36
North Peak Street
Oak Street
Ocean Street
Oceanview Avenue
Osbourne Street
Portland Road
Prospect Street
Riker Street
South Peak Street
Thompson Avenue
Twin Light Terrace
Valley Avenue
Woodland Street



Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT The main objective of the Borough of Highlands Public Works is to facilitate safe vehicular traffic on the roadways. Ensure Parks and Beaches are clean and pleasurable for residents as well as visitors to enjoy. In order to accomplish this objective, the activities of the Highlands Public Works are performed daily or 24 hours a day/365 days per year as emergency conditions dictate. These activities include: winter maintenance, snow removal and ice control, surface repairs during any weather conditions, drainage maintenance and improvements, trash and debris removal, grass mowing, brush and leaf collection maintenance of parks and beaches, all up keep of Borough buildings, permit inspections for construction and utility work, maintain a convenient and safe Recycling Yard for residents to dispose of any and all recyclables, as well as the adherence to the N.J. Storm Water Regulation Program.

We also work to ensure, create and promote a safe, productive work environment by efficiently using all financial, human, and material resources to enhance the quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors in the most practical, useful, economical, safe, and beneficial way.