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Tax Collection

The Tax Collection Department is responsible for maintaining over 3,000 individual tax accounts and a like number of sewer usage accounts. Amounts charged and payments made are all individually maintained. The office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Tax bills are mailed annually in July by the Borough. The taxes are due February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. A ten (10) grace period is provided by Borough resolution.

Tax installments not paid by the due date are subject to 8% interest on the first $1,500.00 of the delinquency and 18% on any amount in excess of $1,500.00. Also, any delinquency exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) pays a six percent (6 %) year -end penalty. These interest and penalties are the highest permitted under New Jersey statutes. Delinquent taxes open for one year or more are annually included in a tax sale in accordance with New Jersey statutes.

Online Tax and Sewer Payments

Tax and Sewer Payments Online

Tax Sale

Tax Lien Auction

Open Public Records Search System (OPRS)

To look up the most recent property information according to Monmouth County, you can leverage the Open Public Records Search System (OPRS).  The search functionality covers all municipalities in Monmouth.

As a user, you can search by the following categories:

  • Map
  • Address
  • Block and Lot
  • Name

The link to the the county system is as follows:

Monmouth County OPRS

Senior Citizen/Veteran Deductions

Seniors — If you were 65 years or older as of December 31' of the previous year, you may be eligible for a deduction of $250.00 annually, from your gross tax amount. Applicants must own and reside in the home on which the deduction is claimed. There is an income limitation of $10,000.00 combined income if married, excluding social security.

Veterans — If you have served in the armed forces or if you are a widow of a veteran that never remarried, you may be eligible for a deduction of $250.00 annually, from your gross tax amount. There is 100% permanently disabled veteran deduction which grants full tax exemption for qualified veterans.

Tax Department Links

NJ Dept. of Treasury Local Property Tax Forms: Link
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Claim for Home Improvement Tax Exemption – Abatement Form,