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Sheds, Fences, Retaining Walls

Sheds, Fences, & Retaining Walls

Garden-Type Utility Shed  

A construction permit for building work shall not be required for garden-type utility sheds and similar structures that are 200 square feet or less in area, 10 feet or less in height, and accessory to buildings of Group R-2, R-3, R-4, or R-5 (1 & 2 Family Home) and which do not contain a water, gas, oil, or sewer connection. Construction Permits are required for any water, gas oil, sewer, or electric installed in the shed. Zoning permits are required for all sheds.


A construction permit shall not be required for fences six (6) feet or less in height. This exception does not apply to barriers surrounding public or private swimming pools. Zoning permits are required for all fences.  

Pool Barrier Fence

A construction permit is required for the installation of a fence surrounding an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. The fence must comply with the barrier requirements of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.

Homeowners that share a fence or barrier that complies with the Code is permitted to serve as a Common Pool Barrier. A Request for Common Pool Barrier must be completed by both the Homeowner owning the pool and the neighbor(s) owning the fence(s) and submitted to the Construction Official. The owner of the pool must also complete an Application for Variation. Inspection of the barrier fence is required.

Retaining Wall  

Retaining Wall is defined as a wall not laterally supported at the top, that resists lateral soil load and other imposed loads. 

No person shall construct, enlarge, alter, reconstruct, or demolish a Retaining Wall or series of Retaining Walls having a total height four feet or greater, or a retaining wall less than four feet having a negative impact on a foundation, without first obtaining a construction permit. The height of a retaining wall shall be the sum of the heights of all retaining walls on the same slope and shall be measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall.