Highlands Borough Code (ecode360)


2021 Ordinances

File Name
O-21-32 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 7-3.8 Of The Borough Code Regarding Permit Parking For ResidentsDownload
O-21-31 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 4-14 Of The Borough Code Regarding Short-Term RentalsDownload
O-21-30 An Ordinance Amending Section 2-41.2Download
O-21-29 An Ordinance Amending Section 21-65.14 Of The Borough Code To Address Off-Street Parking Requirements (2)Download
O-21-28 Bond Ordinance Providing for the Construction of a New Municipal BuildingDownload
O-21-27 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2-10.159C) of the Borough Code With Regard to Hourly Rates for Officers Performing Off-Duty WorkDownload
O-21-26 An Ordinance Amending Chapter VII, Schedule 1 “No Parking” of the Code of the Borough of Highlands Related to Areas of No Parking in Various Locations Throughout the BoroughDownload
O-21-25 An Ordinance Repealing Section 7-3.8A of the Borough Code Regarding Temporary Permit Parking for Residents During Washington Avenue Reconstruction ProjectDownload
O-21-24 Not AdoptedDownload
O-21-23 An Ordinance Amending Article XVII, Business and Waterfront Zone Districts, Section 21-91, Central Business District (CBD) and Section 21-92.02, Highway Oriented BusinessDownload
O-21-22 An Ordinance Creating Section 4-18 of the Borough Code Regarding Cannabis Retailer Licensing RequirementsDownload
O-21-21 An Ordinance Amending the Land Use Provisions of the Borough Code to Address Prohibited and Conditional Uses for Cannabis EstablishmentsDownload
O-21-20 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 4-2 of the Borough Code Concerning the Licensing of Peddlers, Hawkers and VendorsDownload
O-21-19 FAILED: Bond Ordinance Providing for the Construction of a New Municipal BuildingDownload
O-21-18 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2-5.8 of Borough Code With Regard to Issuance of Bingo and Raffle LicenseDownload
O-21-17 A Refunding Bond Ordinance Refunding of All or a Portion of the Atlantic Highlands/Highlands Sewerage AuthorityDownload
O-21-16 An Ordinance Reappropriating $215,587 Of Proceeds Of Obligations Not Needed For Their Original PurposesDownload
O-21-15 An Ordinance To Exceed The Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits And to Establish A Cap BankDownload
O-21-14 An Ordinance Creating Section 4-17 Of The Borough Code Regarding Commercial Filming Licensing RequirementsDownload
O-21-10-An Ordinance Amending Chapter VII Traffic of the Code of the Borough of HighlandsDownload
O-21-09-An Ordinance Amending Chapter 25 of Borough Code with regard to Stormwater Management and ControlDownload
O-21-08 Designating Restricted Parking in Front of a Residence Occupied by Person with DisabilityDownload
O-21-07 Amending Section 4-9.1 Create Confindential Admin AssistantDownload
O-21-06-An Ordinance Amending Chapter 21 Article XIV Section 21 74 of the Borough CodeDownload
O-21-05 Revise Mercantile License RequirementsDownload
O-21-04 Amending Section 2-503 Economic Development Review BoardDownload
O-21-03 Repealing Chapter 6-6 Of Borough Code Regarding Identification Card Requirements for Employees Serving AlcoholDownload
O-21-02 Lease Agreement Water Witch Beach Improvement AssociationDownload
O-21-01 Vacating a Portion of Cornwell StreetDownload

2020 Ordinances

File Name
O-20-26 An Ordinance Amending Public ParkingDownload
O-20-25 An Ordinance Adding Section 3-3 Invasive PlantsDownload
O-20-19 Vacate Cornwell Street-VoteDownload
O-20-18 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 21 of the Borough Code Concerning Fees Public Hearing August 19 2020Download
O-20-17 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 21 of the Borough Code Concerning Fees Public Hearing August 19 2020Download
O-20-16 Ordinance Authorizing a Lease Agreement for the Lease of Borough Owned Property to the Highlands Garden Club for a Public Purpose Adopted 7 15 20Download
O-20-15 Ordinance Authorizing a Lease Agreement for the Lease of Borough Owned Property to the Highlands Business Partnership for a Public Purpose Adopted 7 15 20Download
O-20-14 An Ordinance Authorizing the Borough of Highlands to Provide Legal Counsel and Indemnification for Officials, Employees and Appointees in Certain ActionsDownload
O-20-13 An Ordinance Designating Restricting Parking in Front of A Residence Occupied by a Person with DisabilitiesDownload
O-20-12 Calendar Year 2020 Ordinance to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap BankDownload
O-20-11 An Ordinance Amending Appendix A to Chapter 21 of the Borough Code Concerning Signage Design GuidelinesDownload
O-20-10 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2 of the Borough Code Concerning Code Enforcement OfficerDownload
O-20-09 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 23 of the Borough Code Concerning Uniform Packaging PracticesDownload
O-20-08 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 11 Section 8 of the Borough Code Concerning Smoke Detector Inspection FeesDownload
O-20-07 A Bond OrdinanceDownload
O-20-06 An Ordinance Amending Section 2-8.5 of the Borough Code to Clarify Eligibility of New Construction of Certain Dwellings for Tax Abatements PUBLIC HEARING 2 19 20Download
O-20-05 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 24-3 of the Borough Code to Revise the LOSAP Point Schedule PUBLIC HEARING 2 19 20Download
O-20-04 An Ordinance Amending Section 4-9.1 of the Borough Code to Clarify Mercantile License RequirementsDownload
O-20-03 An Ordinance Amending Borough Code Section 16-3 “Retail Food Establishment” to update fee provisions to match those required by the Monmouth County Board of HealthDownload
O-20-02 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2 of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Highlands that Established the Recreation Commitee, (Advisory) within the Borough of HighlandsDownload
O-20-01 An Ordinance Amending Section 21-84B Steep Slopes and Slump Blocks of the Borough of Highlands Municipal Code ADOPTION FAILEDDownload

2019 Ordinances

File Name
O-19-24 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 9 Of the Borough of Highlands Municipal Code relating to Sewer FeesDownload
O-19-23 An Ordinance adding Section 6-6 of the Borough Code to Establish Identification Card Requirements for Employees Serving AlcoholDownload
O-19-22 A Capital Ordinance Providing for the Acquisition of Various Capital Equipment, and appropriating $250,000 thereforDownload
O-19-21 An Ordinance Amending Section 21-65.9 Regarding Grading Plans and Adding Fees for Grading Plan ReviewDownload
O-19-20 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 10, Section 10-13 of the Borough Code to Update “Vacant Structure Licensing and the Vacant Property Registration Process”Download
O-19-19 An Ordinance Creating Chapter 2-49 of Borough Code to Establish the Borough of Highlands Economic Development Review BoardDownload
O-19-18 An Ordinance Amending Section 8-3 of Borough Code to Update the Application Process and Escrow Fees Required for Street VacationDownload
O-19-17 An Ordinance Creating Chapter XXVI Entitled “Affordable Housing,” to Address the Requirements of the Fair Housing Act and the Uniform Housing Affordability ControlsDownload
O-19-16 Addition of Section 10-14 Requirements for Business Certificates of OccupancyDownload
O-19-15 Addition of Section 2-11.5 to Establish a Custodian of Records for the Fire DepartmentDownload
O-19-14 Designating Restricted Parking for DisabledDownload
O-19-13 Residential Tax AbatementDownload
O-19-12 Bond OrdinanceDownload
O-19-11 Summer Recreation FeesDownload
O-19-10 Licensing Provisions for Telecommunications FacilitiesDownload
O-19-09 Committee Members to be in Good StandingDownload
O-19-08 Authorize Extension to Adopt BID BudgetDownload
O-19-07 Exceed Budget Appropriation Limits Establish a Cap BankDownload
O-19-06 BID OrdinanceDownload
O-19-05 Amend Ch 11 Fire CodeDownload
O-19-04 Amend Chapter 8-2, Excavation in Public StreetsDownload
O-19-03 FAILED TO BE ADOPTED Amend Chapter 8-5, Snow Ice RemovalDownload
O-19-02 Amend Parking RestrictionsDownload
O-19-01 Ban Sale of MarijuanaDownload

2018 Ordinances

File Name
O-18-27 – Redevelopment of ShadowlawnDownload
O-18-26 – Capt. Cove RedevelopmentDownload
O-18-25 – FAILED TO BE ADOPTED – BID EstablishmentDownload
O-18-24 – Construction Fee OrdinanceDownload
O-18-23 – Bond Ord Sewer ImprovementsDownload
O-18-22 – Updated Zoning MapDownload
O-18-21 – Expiration of VariancesDownload
O-18-20 – Sandy Hook Tax AbatementDownload
O-18-19 – Amend Salary OrdinanceDownload
O-18-18 – Grease TrapsDownload
O-18-17 – Renaming Paradise LaneDownload
O-18-16 – FAILED TO BE ADOPTED – Amend Paradise Lane to Harbor Side Pointe RoadDownload
O-18-15 – Capital OrdinanceDownload
O-18-14 – Bond Ordinance Sewer ImprovementsDownload
O-18-13 – Amend Capter 17 which Established BIDDownload
O-18-12 – Revisions to FoodplainDownload
O-18-11 – Renaming Lighthouse Point Road to Paradise LaneDownload
O-18-10 – Amend Salary OrdinanceDownload
O-18-09 – Restrict Parking on Shore Drive Near Boro BldgDownload
O-18-07 – Establish CAP Bank 2018Download
O-18-06 – Second Amend to CBD ZoneDownload
O-18-05 – Residential Tax AbatementDownload
O-18-04 – Valley Avenue Two-WayDownload
O-18-03 – Resident Disabled SpotsDownload
O-18-02 – Establish Business Improvement DistrictDownload
O-18-01 – Amend CBD ZoneDownload

2017 Ordinances

File Name
O-17-26 – Establishing Salaries for 2018Download
O-17-25 – Bond Ordinance SHORTDownload
O-17-24 Amend Health Care Waiver Stipend PayoutDownload
O-17-23 – NOT ADOPTED – Tax Agreement Sandy Hook BayDownload
O-17-22 – Permit ParkingDownload
O-17-21 – Amending Division of Tax Assessments (Deputy)Download
O-17-20 DPW InspectionsDownload
O-17-18 – Grease TrapsDownload
O-17-17 Sprinkler SystemsDownload
O-17-16 Updating IPMCDownload
O-17-15 Health Care Waiver StipendDownload
O-17-14- TABLED Bond Sewer ImprovementsDownload
O-17-13 – Approving acquisition of OLP PropertyDownload
O-17-12 Amending Substandard HousingDownload
O-17-11 Registration Fee for Summer ProgramDownload
O-17-10 Amending Stop IntersectionsDownload
O-17-09 Recyclling Ordinance in final formDownload
O-17-08 – establish a CAP bank 2017 highlandsDownload
O-17-04 – Various Cap. Improvs. – APPROPRIATING $1,025,000Download
O-17-03 Capital Ordinance – Various Cap. Improvs. – 1_2017 – Highlands-cDownload
O-17-02 – Green Team Advisory CommitteeDownload
O-17-01 – Amending definition of Lot Coverage-1-1Download

2016 Ordinances

File Name
O-16-28- New Lease Agreement with the Baymens Protective AssociationDownload
O-16-27 – Ordinance increasing liquor license feesDownload
O-16-26 Towing Ordinance in final formDownload
O-16-25 – Amending the Borough Code Concerning Permitted Parking at Public ParksDownload
O-16-24 – Ordinance Police ChaplainDownload
O-16-23 – Ordinance bungalow colonies front deckDownload
O-16-22 – Various Capital ImprovementsDownload
O-16-20 – Ord auth Borough Clerk to execute raffle licensesDownload
O-16-19 – Direct Deposit OrdinanceDownload
O-16-18 – Revising duties of open space committeeDownload
O-16-16 – Snow RemovalDownload
O-16-15- Streetscape Bond AmendDownload
O-16-14 – Wind OrdinanceDownload
O-16-13 – MCIA RefundingDownload
O-16-11 Traffic Ord Amendment -AdoptedDownload
O-16-10 Ord establish a CAP bank 2016 highlands – AdoptionDownload
O-16-08 Cat Managed-Care of Feral Cats – AdoptionDownload
O-16-07 Bond Ord – Boro Hall Phase I – AdoptionDownload
O-16-05 An Ordinance Amending Ordinance O-16-01 Specifically Borough Code Section 21-17A.8 To Provide For The Statutory Minimum Notice Of Ten Days – AdoptedDownload
O-16-04 – Zoning AmendmentDownload
O-16-03 – Governing Body to Serve wout CompensationDownload
O-16-01 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 21 Of The Code Of The Borough Of Highlands And Combining The Functions Of The Zoning Board Of Adjustment And The Planning BoardDownload

2015 Ordinances

File Name
O-15-25 Ordinance Amending Salary Ordinance (Municipal Clerk) – AdoptionDownload
O-15-24 Ordinance making code enforcement full-time – AdoptionDownload
O-15-23 An Ordinance Authorizing The Private Sale Of Certain Property Owned By The Borough Of HighlandsDownload
O-15-22 Ordinance Authorizing The Leasing Of Certain Capital Equipment By The Borough Of Highlands And TDownload
O-15-21 An Ordinance Amending The Borough Of Highlands Code -Noise- Adoption (pdf)Download
O-15-19 An Ordinance To Remove Block 43 Lot 1 From The Business Improvement District – Adoption.4cd.delaDownload
O-15-16 Ordinance re Portland Road – REVISED- AdoptionDownload
O-15-15 An Ordinance Supplementing Chapter 16 Of The Revised General Ordinances Of The Borough Of HighlaDownload
O-15-14 An Ordinance Amending The List Of Parcels Within The Business Improvement District To Account FoDownload
O-15-13 Ordinance To Exceed The Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits And To Establish A Cap Bank – AdopDownload
O-15-12 Refunding Bond Ordinance Authorizing The Issuance Of Not To Exceed $2600000 Aggregate PrincipalDownload
O-15-11 Repealing Ordinance Number O-15-05 Accepting Various Deeds And Easements From Navesink Capital PDownload
O-15-10 Replacing Section 3-2 Of The Borough Code -Noise- In Its Entirety (pdf)Download
O-15-09 An Ordinance Accepting A Sanitary Sewer Easement For Block 1 Lot 901 (pdf)Download
O-15-08 An Ordinance Accepting Various Deeds And Easements From Sandy Hook Developers LLC For Block 101Download
O-15-07 An Ordinance Accepting A Deed Of Site Triangle Easement For Block 101 Lot 2702 From Pulte HomesDownload
O-15-06 Bond Ordinance Providing Various 2015 Capital Improvements- Appropriating $1386000 Therefor -IncDownload
O-15-05 An Ordinance Accepting Various Deeds And Easements From Navesink Capital Partners LLC And SandyDownload
O-15-03 An Ordinance Replacing Ordinance O-11-9 And Re-Enacting Chapter 17 Of The Revised General OrdinaDownload
O-15-02 Ordinance Updating Section 2-3 2 Council Vacancies – AdoptedDownload

Ordinances Archives

File Name
2014 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2013 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2012 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2011 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2010 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2009 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2008 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2007 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download
2006 Ordinances Archive (.zip)Download