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JULY 28, 2023

As mayors of Sea Bright, Highlands, and Atlantic Highlands, we are delighted that
the Commissioner of Education has reviewed the submissions from our three
towns and three boards of education and recognized the merit of consolidating our
three school districts. We are particularly pleased that our voters can decide this
issue at a referendum this fall.

However, those same submissions made it clear that the essential benefits of
regionalization can be enjoyed only if Sea Bright is part of the new regional
district. As there is no legal or factual impediment to including the option to include
Sea Bright in the upcoming referendum, we urge the Commissioner to conclude
her analysis and follow the direction of every expert retained by our six public
bodies; that is, the tax savings and educational opportunities available through
regionalization can be fully realized only if Sea Bright is part of the region. Thus,
the option to include Sea Bright must be part of this fall’s referendum and we trust
that the Commissioner will approve same in the coming days.

Loretta Gluckstein, Mayor of Atlantic Highlands
Carolyn Broullon, Mayor of Highlands
Brian Kelly, Mayor of Sea Bright

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