This project is funded through the NJ Infrastructure Bank with a scope of replacement of portions of the existing sanitary sewer system in the Borough of Highlands. Current infiltration and inflow levels overburden the sewer system, resulting in overflow of contaminated water into the streets. This contaminated water flows into the storm water conveyance system that discharges into Jones Creek, creating an unsafe swimming condition further downstream at the Snug Harbor Beach at the Borough Community Center. Replacement of the sanitary sewer system is expected to reduce infiltration and inflow, thereby keeping the sanitary sewer system within capacity and eliminating contaminated water in the storm water system and swimming areas. The proposed sanitary sewer improvements are designed to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Updates to Phase 1 and Phase 2:


  • Bay Ave
  • Linden Ave
  • Waterwitch Ave (36 to Bay)
  • Gravelly Point
  • Ocean Ave
  • Central Ave
  • Beach Blvd
  • Ralph St
  • William St
  • North St
  • Waterwitch Ave (Bay to Marine) – Added to Phase 1


  • Snug Harbor Ave
  • Huddy Ave
  • Washington Ave
  • Marine Pl
  • Recreation Pl
  • Bedle Pl
  • Cheerful Pl
  • Barberie Ave – Added to Phase 2
  • Seadrift Ave – Added to Phase 2