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Sea Lice (Jellyfish larvae) in the river

There have been reports of several people exposed to a by sea lice reaction in the river. Please take the proper precautions for you and your family.
Due to the larvae's small size, the jellyfish and anemones can easily become trapped between bathing suit fabric and a person’s skin.
Although they do not have physical stingers, they release stinging cells that contain toxins.
Pressure on the organisms from the bathing suit causes the stinging cells to discharge, releasing toxins into the skin. This triggers the body’s immune system, which reacts with the sea lice rash. The stinging cells can also discharge when a person rinses with fresh water, or over time as the water evaporates. Therefore, wearing bathing suits for prolonged periods after swimming, showering in fresh water, and rubbing the skin with a towel can worsen the eruption.

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