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Flood Information

When a storm is approaching, monitor Borough OEM (Office of Emergency Management) announcements and directions. If we are going to have a significant event, some terminology may be given that can be explained here. One common term during a flooding event is MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water), which very briefly explained, is one way to measure water level. Here is a table of MLLW for four significant storms that hit our Borough. Under Sandy Hook is the MLLW reading (in feet) at the station at Sandy Hook, and under Bay Ave is the amount of feet of water experienced during the storm on our main street.

Sandy Hook Bay Ave
1962 Donna 10.5 4
1992 Nor’Easter 10.3 4
2011 Irene 9.75 3
2012 Sandy 13.31* 7

*Note: This measurement is the last recorded MLLW before the gauges stopped functioning.

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